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  • The integumentary soil for mushrooms
The integumentary soil for mushrooms
  • The integumentary soil for mushrooms

The integumentary soil for mushrooms

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Production of the peat integumentary soil is produced on the basis of low-lying and riding peat which are environmentally friendly. Raw materials are exposed to constant high-quality control in a proizvodstvennoylaboratoriiya to the analysis in external laboratories and stations.


process as far as possible the shortest with observance of the highest of an urovnyagigena in avoidance of infection of integumentary mix with pathogenic microorganisms which could damage a mycelium of champignons and lower a harvest. Peat digs in an ekologicheskichisty zone - Kutyanka-Neris, the Rivne region. Then it is transported on cars to the production shop where it is processed. All process is controlled by the technologist who is responsible for quality of production

Raw materials in the corresponding proportions according to compoundings are shattered and mixes up with additions, during the summer period are humidified and exposed to chemical disinfection. During packing the volume of bulk packing is controlled

Quality of the final product, characteristic:

Acidity rn 7,3 - 7,8

Humidity of 80-88%

Komkovaty structure

The final product is absolutely ready to the use.

Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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