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Peat briquette
  • Peat briquette
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  • Peat briquette
  • Peat briquette

Peat briquette

In stock | Wholesale and retail
1750 UAH(65 USD)
Wholesale: 1600 UAH(60 USD) from 10 t.
Brand:Неожиданный шанс, ООО
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Our company makes and realizes peat briquettes.

Peat is a mineral which has good combustible properties that gives the chance to organize extraction and production of highly effective fuel.

In comparison with coal and gas, extraction and production of torfobriket is more economic that influences its price.

If to compare fuel peat briquettes with wood, then they do not do harm to the environment at combustion.

After extraction of peat there is its transformation to briquettes. Though peat as fuel is used also in other types, for example, crushed or lumpy, peat briquettes are the most optimal variant for transportation, storage and burning in solid propellant coppers, furnaces and fireplaces.

Peat briquettes are a high-calorific fuel which besides is environmentally friendly and has low cost.

Characteristics of torfobriket:

Mechanical power is not less than 94%

The lower heat of combustion when burning (Q H) — 3600 - 3700 kcal/kg


Brand:Неожиданный шанс, ООО
Manufacturer:Неожиданный шанс, ООО
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of fuel briquette:Cylindrical
Raw material:Peat
Humidity: не более 20 %
Ash content: 9-12 %
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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Unbelievable price on Peat briquette in Rovno (Ukraine) company Neozhidannyj shans, OOO PKF.
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